Why to not question questions

During my first week at USC, several things made me reaffirm my admiration for this university. Firstly, I was was in awe by students’ ability to avoid collisions while rushing to class, regardless of their choice of transportation: skateboard, bike, or even hoverboard. I can’t even text and chew gum at the same time without […]

Public smoking ban could worsen issue

Last Tuesday, Russia began a stand for health by partially passing one of the most stringent smoking bans in Europe, which would outlaw all smoking in public places. The proposal sailed through the State Duma — the lower house of Parliament — but will have to pass in the upper house and earn President Vladimir […]

Latest training tactic for Russian military: badminton

Russian newspaper Izvestiya said Monday that Russian military units will use badminton equipment to improve their eye muscles, reaction speed and cardiovascular strength. The United Press International reported that 10,000 rackets and tens of thousands of shuttlecocks are being purchased for the units. The sport has gained recent popularity after Russian President Dmirty Medvedev and […]