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Reflecting on time in Melbourne

Jet lagged and unable to lift my head from exhaustion, I asked the barista for a coffee. He looked perplexed and kindly asked how I would like the coffee prepared. I learned from then on that in Australia, the word “coffee” is virtually meaningless without futher instructions, such as flat white, black tea latte, etc. […]

“Thanksgiving” in London

It’s always weird spending a Thanksgiving away from home. The tradition of spending those few days with family while you stuff your face with turkey is a solidified routine for most Americans, so I really had no idea what to expect spending my first Thanksgiving in another country. Because Thanksgiving doesn’t exist in the U.K., […]

While studying abroad, find balance by staying in touch

Admittedly, studying abroad gave rise to a series of fears. Along with learning to adapt to a new country and lifestyle and making new friends, I had another equally potent fear: losing touch with the friends and family I left behind. This fear stood at the forefront of my worries in July, when I began […]

Tasmania provides an opportunity to reconnect with nature

From the moment I decided to study abroad in Australia, I hoped to see a kangaroo. A road trip to Tasmania helped me achieve that goal. In fact, that trip helped me engage with the natural elements of Australia I thought only existed in postcards. Before leaving for Tassi or Tas, as it is affectionately […]

Melbourne becomes new home

A week after the last week of classes, I have reached a point where I have lived in Melbourne for so long that life back in sunny Los Angeles seems foreign. I have grown accustomed to looking the wrong way for cars coming down the road, counting my coins to pay four Australian dollars for laundry […]

Melbourne offers many parks to escape from busy city life

As I write this, it’s Sunday morning — homework day — and the temperature has finally hit 76 degrees. Spring has, at last, reached Australia. Outside, the weather is not only bearable, but even enjoyable. Studying cooped up in the library is unjustifiable. When the weather is this nice, a tree becomes the perfect arm […]

Homesickness sets in while abroad

Well, folks, it’s that time of the year, the time when our thoughts start to turn from the present and toward the future. Whether that’s summer, next semester or whatever comes next for all you seniors, spring is here and so is registration. It’s officially the season of change. For study abroad students such as […]

Going abroad should be less restrictive

Many students who applied for study abroad programs are currently finding out where they will be going next semester. Some students, however, are limited in destinations because of overly stringent class requirements. The idea of studying abroad is terribly enticing to me. Studying at USC and taking advantage of a cultural center such as Los […]