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A Trip to Northern New Zealand with Contiki

Our Daily Trojan Photo Editor, Mariya Dondonyan, received the opportunity to be sponsored by Contiki this last spring break and join in on the company’s Sun and Steam tour to photograph the northern island of New Zealand. Our focus was on finding the importance of traveling while students are still in school and the benefits it could have on our lives. […]

London calling: Reflecting on a spring semester abroad

At this point in the semester, all of us — abroad or not — are forced to evaluate what exactly we’ve accomplished over the past four months. What did we learn? Were our classes a waste of time? Did we have fun? Did we have too much fun? Thinking about where we started is the […]

Packing essentials for Coachella

Coachella. It’s that wonderful time of year when fashionable teens, attention-starved celebrities in pursuit of PR opportunities, and jaded hipsters flock to an otherwise unknown region of California in an attempt to out-trend each other (and maybe listen to some cool music too). Each year the renowned music festival garners around 50,000 attendees— and among […]

This summer break, step away from planes

Summer break is quickly approaching. Many students are spending their final five weeks planning vacations. Exotic lands, different cultures and pleasurable sights await those who choose to leave the country. But before students enjoy these lands, cultures and sights, they must undergo the much-loathed process of air travel. Earlier this month, the Federal Aviation Administration […]

Diversions risk undermining high-speed rail

The plan is a visionary one: a high-speed train running from San Francisco to Los Angeles, shortening the journey to two hours and 40 minutes of travel. This system, emulating the success of similar high-speed trains in Europe and Japan, is meant to make the commute between the two major Californian cities drastically easier — […]

Stranded in Europe at the mercy of ash

It’s midnight on a Sunday as I write my very last column of the semester from a computer at a hostel in Prague. Only at this time of night can I avoid the dirty looks I’d normally get for commandeering the sole machine with Internet access. On a computer without Microsoft Office, Google Docs has […]