Issues with Pac-12 Network loom large

When the Pac-12 Networks launched on Aug. 15, there were plenty of kinks still to be worked out. Pac-12 Enterprises President Gary Stevenson essentially admitted as much in an interview with the Daily Trojan, but was also clear about the possibilities for the schools in the conference. “Imagine what being on 24/7 on seven networks […]

Studios should produce quality, innovative animated films

The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, The Lion King, Toy Story: These are the animated films that have captured our hearts, wowed critics and defined our generation. These films catalyzed the new age of animation, kick-starting a rich and fresh visual style and incorporating new and interesting conceits — animated animation, if you will. Today, however, these […]

DPS must acknowledge student crime

It’s any university’s worst nightmare when students don’t take their own safety seriously. But while USC’s Dept. of Public Safety does an excellent job informing students about potential dangers and risk prevention in the neighborhood, it doesn’t adequately address the threats students face from their own peers. The Daily Trojan reported last Thursday that new […]

Letters to the editor

Greek Life As a student at USC, I enjoy the article by Nick Cimarusti titled “Non-Greeks Can Still Have a Social Life.”  However, as a member of USC Greek Life, the use of a somewhat insulting cliché as a hook is disappointing. As you are probably aware, the Greek system is currently in the process […]