Horror & Chill

Horror movies have always been around, but more recently they are taking theaters by storm.

“Super Dark Times” is an Expertly Crafted Suburban Nightmare

For some teenagers, it’s a familiar scene: Your friend is playing with a knife, teasing you and your other friends jokingly, putting everyone on edge but simultaneously making them laugh. Hopefully, nothing happens but you can’t help wondering to yourself, what if something did? What if someone got hurt? Super Dark Times , directed by […]

“IT” does Stephen King’s original novel justice

It is an example of what horror movies should be: fun, exhilarating, terrifying, humorous. Far too often, horror films nowadays rely on shock value, whether it be through excessive gore or obnoxious jump scares. While It may employ the occasional jump scare, the film instead tends to rely on atmosphere, tension and suspense to keep […]