USG is more effective than students think

If you cast a ballot for the Undergraduate Student Government elections in the last few years, you were in the minority. In 2010’s election for example, of the approximately 16,000 eligible undergraduate student voters, only about 4,550 turned up to the polls on campus or online. Overall, that’s less than one-third of the undergraduate student […]

New USG senator sworn in

Residential senator Chelsea Jia was sworn in Tuesday, replacing Makhala Greene-Robinson, who left for personal reasons. Jia, a sophomore majoring in business and accounting, was the seventh runner-up in last year’s elections. “I just got an email from Nehi yesterday,” Jia said. “I was kind of surprised. I already put a lot of work in […]

Rocking the vote

Jabree Webber, a freshman majoring in theatre, hands out water bottles for the first day of Undergraduate Student Government campaigns. The presidential tickets for 2011 to 2012 are Eric Burse and Andy Greos, Alex Fadil and Rohan Mehra, and Monish Tyagi and Logan Lachman. Voting begins Feb. 15 and ends Feb. 17.

Fadil-Mehra first candidates with video

The presidential ticket of Alex Fadil and Rohan Mehra is the first to post a video, which they did on their website today. In the one-minute video, they discuss their backgrounds at USC, their reasons for running and said their plan to make listening to students a priority. “In our time here we’ve developed a deep […]