The end of the semester brings a new chapter

For most people, the end of the year is December 31. Around that time, millions of people around the globe get excited to shed whatever skin they wore the year before and somehow become new and improved versions of themselves. But this is college — more specifically, USC. For us, the year ends when we […]

‘Trojan Family’ is not just a saying

I thought it was stupid. I was standing on the steps of the Physical Education building, overlooking Cromwell field. It was my freshman orientation, and I was stuck there, surrounded by people I didn’t know, being forced to perform that outrageously obnoxious two-finger-V-thing as a 10-piece segment of the Trojan Marching Band blared Tribute to […]

USC DPS Roundup

The following incidents were reported in the USC Department of Public Safety incident report summary between Sunday, April 27 and Monday, April 28.  Crimes against a person At 1:47 A.M. on April 27, DPS officers observed a non-USC male appear to lose consciousness after getting punched by another non-USC male during an altercation outside Jack […]