COLUMN: The USC power that never transpired

The two sports that dictate the culture of most college athletic programs have always been — and always will be — football and men’s basketball. At the University of Southern California, the history and tradition of the football program speaks for itself — 11 national titles, seven Heisman trophy winners and nearly 500 players selected […]

Stephen King’s book is perfect for Halloween

Though Halloween will soon  be over, people can keep the ghostly holiday spirit alive long after Oct. 31 by picking up a copy of Stephen King’s newest collection of short stories: The Bazaar of Bad Dreams, out Nov. 3. I have to admit, I never made it all the way through a Stephen King work […]

COLUMN: Prop 47 will help reduce overcrowding in prisons

The stigma regarding those who hold non-violent drug-related offenses is rampant in California. Though under Proposition 47, these offenders have the opportunity for shorter sentences in prison, they are faced with greater issues once they are released from jail: being labeled as unproductive members of society, being unable to build careers and likely committing future […]

College Football Pick’em: Week of 10/26

Well, friends, the college football machine rumbles on to Week 9. We’re quickly approaching that time of the year where the dust starts to settle and the playoff picture becomes clearer. It’s close, but we’re not there yet. We may be a little old to be trick-or-treating but at least we’ve still got plenty of […]

Best songs to belt out on your Weekender road trip

Two words: The. Weekender. Who’s ready? I know I’m ready to see our football team sock it to Cal this weekend, and I’m sure after that marvelous blowout win against Utah, everyone else is too. Whether it’s your first time going or your last, make sure you make some great memories and see why everyone […]

Arigatō, Café Dulce!

★★★★★ This week, in the heart of Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, I explored a local favorite, Café Dulce. I tasted a variety of the donuts they have to offer, all of which found a special place in my heart. Because it is located in the Japanese Village Plaza, the little shop is surrounded by authentic […]