Expat Generation: Language is a reflection of culture, learning a new language is a reflection of yourself

We take language to be our own but we forget that it never was, and even as it releases our minds from inner silence, it constricts our thoughts to the molds of a particular language’s grammar logic and sentence structure.

Letter to the Editor

Letter to Editor: My personal attempt to make Black history ‘real’

And it seems to me, incumbent in the 21st century that, certainly in the collegial environment, we collectively move beyond the superficial to do the hard work of undoing moral confusion caused by the devaluation and dismissal of heritage that may not be shared.

Letter to Editor: On-campus job fairs promote career diversity

The Daily Trojan recently published an op-ed written by Ramona…

The RSVP Center needs campus-wide recognition

RSVP has tremendous value to offer our student body.

Letter to the Editor: USC is not meaningfully addressing sustainability

The first step in solving a problem is acknowledging there is…

Letter to the Editor: The cost of SCA’s culture of competition

Cultivating a more supportive culture where students are able to make mistakes and able to step back when necessary is what so many students not only want but need — and we need it right now.

Letter to the Editor: What is college for?

In many ways, this article is a letter to our fellow students.…

Letter to the Editor: School of International Relations merges with Dept. of Political Science

Your Sept. 17 article on the merging of the School of International…

Letter to the Editor: There's no need to vandalize VKC

By believing you have the power to forge a better future for USC, you have already embodied von KleinSmid’s greatest fear.

Letter to the Editor: Chancellor Folt will not be forgotten

Whatever the feelings on Folt’s time as chancellor of UNC, the results of her tenure are undeniable. She successfully led the university through its most difficult period in recent history.