A graduate’s bucket list for Los Angeles

Being sick is the worst. Instead of frolicking in the sunshine last weekend (c’est la vie, USC Springfest 2014 and CicLAvia), I was in bed, with only a copious amount of Kleenex and my Netflix account for comfort. That left me with plenty of time to troll the Internet and write a lot of whiny […]

USC should engage in city’s bike culture

Los Angeles might have a notorious reputation as a driving city, but the city closed some of its roads Sunday in order to make room for vehicles that don’t guzzle gas. The occasion was CicLAvia, a semi-annual public festival designed to transform the congested, polluted streets of Los Angeles into a safe place to walk, […]


CicLAvia Sunday, Oct. 7 from 10 a.m – 3 p.m. Various locations Feeling restricted by the crowded Trousdale bike lanes? Head to Downtown this weekend for CicLAvia, a city-wide event that gives bike lovers room to roam. Now celebrating its fifth year, CicLAvia originated in Bogota, Colombia more than 30 years ago in order to […]

Haute Highlights

CicLAvia If you thought Carmageddon — that time the 405 closed, leaving absolutely no cars on the road — was a blast, just imagine the fun in store with the surface streets intentionally shut down. Started as a health initiative in Bogotá, Colombia in an attempt to fight against the city’s persistent pollution, CicLAvia has […]

Cycling event gets Angelenos out of cars

After serving as the epicenter of California car culture for more than half a century, it’s no wonder Los Angeles residents only take to the streets for Lakers championships and riots. Sunday, however, will hopefully change all that as a seven-and-a-half-mile stretch of Los Angeles asphalt gets closed off to cars and opened up to […]