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Does feminism exclude “pro-life” women?

In response to the inauguration of President Donald Trump, Saturday’s Women’s March saw millions of women and feminist allies take to the streets to stand up for their rights, with roughly 750,000 marching in Los Angeles alone. Though the march was a celebration of inclusion and diversity, women who oppose abortion have since blasted the […]

The Problem with My High School Reading List

Reading fiction has been my escape ever since I was young. With most of my childhood spent as an only child, my evenings were usually quiet affairs: I’d have my nose stuck in a book next to the fireplace while my parents’ nightly news on the TV provided ambient background noise. Entire universes opened up […]

Changing wage gap starts with youth

I have always stood by the fact that I am not a feminist. While Beyoncé and Emma Watson sing and speak about how their political beliefs influence their work and the way they encourage women, I believe that they could do all those same things without labeling it “feminism.” Despite the fact that I’m a double […]