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Trailers reveal too much plot

Trailers are an ingrained part of the moviegoing experience now. Going into a theater, you know that the first 15 to 20 minutes or so after the posted start time are dedicated to trailers as opposed to the feature you paid to see. As the lights dim for the start of the usually eight or […]

Disney buyout should benefit Star Wars films

This week unquestionably saw the biggest entertainment news of the year with the announcement that Disney bought Lucasfilm for the blockbuster-worthy sum of $4.05 billion. The deal has plenty of long-lasting, far-reaching implications, but the vast majority of them have to do with one simple fact: From this day forward, the Mouse owns Star Wars. […]

Trap could be waiting for Trojans in Tucson

Though I’m not particularly fluent in the various Internet memes, their origins or why people take the time to generate so many, USC’s clash at Arizona on Saturday conjures one I’ve seen floating around cyberspace: “It’s a trap!” Before continuing, here’s a brief meme history lesson: This meme is derived from a scene in Star […]

From the archives: Vice President speaks on campus

Original Date of Publication: Oct. 16, 1984 Vice President George Bush, speaking Monday from the steps of Doheny Library, characterized Democrats as belonging to a party that wants to limit opportunity and that “says no to hope.” Bush also attacked Democratic presidential candidate Walter Mondale, calling him “wedded to the failures of the past,” and […]

Haute Highlights

24-Hour Musical Sunday, UCLA Ackerman Grand Ballroom, 8 p.m. Usually, theater shows take months to prepare. Actors must memorize lines, the stage blocking must be choreographed, the set must be built and the list goes on and on. So what happens when you give a cast and crew exactly 24 hours to complete a production […]

Star Wars Fans unhappy with Lucas

Star Wars fans are not happy with many things George Lucas, creator of the franchise, is doing with the universe he created. Just last week, Lucas released the entire Star Wars saga in HD Blu-ray with additional special feature content. This release, however, contains two notable edits that have angered hardcore fans. Many fans consider the original Star […]