Jack Reacher sequel falls short of expectations

Three-quarters of the way through Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, Tom Cruise is on a plane and about to knock out a bunch of villains when it starts to feel like a flashback from 2011. That was the same year he starred in the film Knight & Day, a romantic-action-comedy film where Cruise beats up […]

The Girl on the Train remains faithful to novel

In 2015, Paula Hawkins thrilled the world with the novel The Girl on the Train. A year later, the popular novel was adapted to film. The Girl on the Train tells the story of an alcoholic divorcee who attaches herself to a web of mystery after the disappearance of a young housewife. The film stars […]

REVIEW: American Honey features new acting talent

American Honey delivers a compelling story with action, comedy and drama about teenage rebellion during a competitive film season. The movie comes alive with its colors, characters and elegant, goofy execution — and above all, in its leading star Sasha Lane. In 2015, Lane was spending her spring break in Panama Beach when she was […]

Gender representation must be tackled in film industry

As a cinema and media studies student at the School of Cinematic Arts, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to dissect film and television under specific critical lenses I would’ve never thought to use had I not been here. Classes taught on 1960s culture as portrayed, have all effectively given me a broad scope to look […]