Schools must be stricter with athletes on sexual assault

It is no secret that colleges are a hotbed for sexual misconduct: According to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network, it is in fact one of the most prevalent crimes on campus. It’s also not a secret that student-athletes are often the perpetrators. The Benedict Crosset study revealed that one in three sexual assaults […]

Millennial women face new struggle

The Women’s March created a spark of female millennial activism in January that spread to cities across the nation. It all feels like a distant memory now. That is not to say that young women across this nation and across all stages of life have taken a step back since January; they remain active and […]

USC should ensure contraceptive access

Last week, a leaked draft of the Trump administration’s proposed policies on preventative healthcare presented young college-age women with an unsettling revelation: Their access to birth control via the Affordable Care Act’s contraceptive mandate could soon be slashed. According to the draft, the contraceptive mandate’s guarantees could be dramatically scaled back in a misguided effort […]

Student activism does not justify silencing speech

In a politically divisive climate, college campuses have come to reflect the polarizing political and racial attitudes in the United States. Last year, The Atlantic reported that student engagement and political activism are at an all-time high among college and high school students, with a 2.9 percentage growth of a student having a “very good […]

Millennials should prioritize climate change

Most millennials’ positions on climate change and sustainability can be summed up in one sentence: It is real, and they believe in taking action to stop it. However, it seems that millennials often do not practice what they preach, even as it is becoming more crucial for this young generation to be the leading voice […]

Earthquake preparedness is crucial for University

The possibility of a big earthquake is a lingering possibility in the minds of most Californians. There have been many 3.0 earthquakes in recent weeks around the Los Angeles area, in addition to more small quakes occurring daily in Southern California.  Those who have grown up in the state have participated in earthquake drills throughout […]