OPINION: Transparency is crucial to improving administrative culture

Leaders are usually the first people considered for removal after a huge scandal rocks the organization they are running. Even if they are not directly responsible, they act as figureheads for the organization, and their removal is sometimes necessary for a fresh start. Despite the amazing feats USC has accomplished under former president C. L. […]

Pale Blue Dot: University must protect community from oil industry

In my two years at USC, I’ve always known that oil was an essential part of Los Angeles’ history and economy. The countless buildings named after oil tycoons Edward Doheny and J. Paul Getty serve as constant reminders that before the city was dominated by the entertainment industry, it was an oil town. But I […]

OPINION: Millennials must vote to enact political change

A few generations ago, someone might have told you 1960 was the election year that got them into politics. We can count those watershed moments, the elections that changed something — 1968, 1980, 1992, 2000, 2008 — those transformative moments of economic hardship or cultural shift that penetrated typical Americans’ lives, even those purposefully or […]

OPINION: Abercrombie and USC make a strange, beautiful pair

It’s fair to say that USC is dealing with a lot right now. Look at literally any other page of this issue and you will see a staggering number of stories and discussions on our scandal-ridden administration. As USC navigates the growing pains of a rising institution and attempts to reconcile with past mistakes, many […]

OPINION: New leadership must re-emphasize USC’s positive qualities

After decades of bold promises and massive fundraising efforts, USC’s academic success has finally begun to match the acclaim it has been striving toward: Civic engagement projects continue to tie USC closer to its immediate community while new programs and partnerships  connect the University to the rest of the country and the world. To top […]

OPINION: Sexual assault cases must be investigated by impartial party

When the U.S. Department of Education closed its investigation into USC’s handling of sexual assault cases in March, it seemed like a step forward. After the department concluded its five-year investigation, its Office for Civil Rights commended USC’s policy changes regarding sexual misconduct. But then the case was reopened after allegations against Engemann Student Health […]

OPINION: Annenberg’s decision does not erase history of misconduct

On Aug. 2, the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism announced it would temporarily suspend using “The Julie Chen/Leslie Moonves and CBS Media Center” as the official name for its media center. The decision comes after a report from The New Yorker, which details multiple allegations of sexual harassment from women who worked with […]

From the Editor: Like USC, Daily Trojan is rebuilding

It is not surprising to see scaffolding or tower cranes looming over USC’s red-brick campus during the summer. This is, after all, the “University of Summer Construction.” But while construction workers were busy replacing each eroding brick at Doheny Memorial Library, the University was doing some rebuilding of its own behind closed doors. Much has […]

Editorial Board: Trojans must band together in times of crisis

With the new school year upon us, now is the time for transition and renovation. Action must be taken by the administration, faculty and, most crucially, the students. Following riotous months of disgrace and uncertainty, USC enters the fall semester to news of former president C. L. Max Nikias’ resignation and interim president Wanda Austin’s […]