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Muffins of plenty

There is a poor starving student at Harvard who would kill for the privilege of eating your free muffin.

8 reasons to wake up earlier, or 8 reasons to smother yourself with a pillow?

Did you know you should be waking up earlier? According to, there are actually no more and no less than eight reasons why you should be irritating your roommates before ten o’clock. And you know it’s true because this is the same website reminding us with a feature story on “fripples” (frozen nipples). And […]

I can has blog?

I’ve been a columnist at the Daily Trojan for four years, but since no one has offered me a book deal yet, I thought I’d try blogging and see if that doesn’t help. It worked for LOLcats — why not Folk Laur? Look for my posts every day. Well, every weekday. Ok, most weekdays. (Mondays […]